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Prayer a Day 2018 – Autosegen

9. Dezember 2018

Blessing for a new car

There it is, the new car,
shining and promising!
Nehalennia, lady of the shipping ways:
Expand your competences to cover my ways!
Let the motor hum!
Let the streets be free of obstacles!
Let the people in this car always reach their destinations safely!
Nehalennia, patroness, companion:
Be at my side!

Prayer a Day 2018: Gebet für die unbekannten Vorfahren

9. Dezember 2018

Eine Kerze brennt für euch:

Die, von denen vielleicht nicht mal mehr ein Name geblieben ist

Die, deren Taten im Meer des Vergessens untergegangen sind

Die, an die sich keiner mehr erinnert

Eine Kerze brennt für euch, um euch zu zeigen:

Ihr seid nicht ganz vergessen!

Ihr habt Spuren hinterlassen, und mögen sie noch so flüchtig sein!

Euer Tun damals wirkt wie ein Stein, den ihr ins Wasser geworfen habt:

Wir sehen den Stein nicht,

aber die Wellen, die er verursacht hat,

berühren uns noch heute.

Diese Kerze brennt für euch!


In English:

A prayer to ancestors unknown

A candle burns for you:
Those of whom not even a name is left
Those whose deeds drowned in the sea of oblivion
Those who aren’t remembered by anyone

A candle burns for you, to show you:
You are not completely forgotten!
You left traces, even if they are fleetingly!

What you did back then worked like a stone thrown into water:
We don’t see the stone anymore,
but the waves it effected
affect us even today.

This candle burns for you!

I’ve been to the graveyard last sunday to visit my grandparents’s graves. There is a memorial, too, for WWII. I lighted a candle there, and this was what came to my mind.

Prayer a Day 2018: Bastelarbeit

9. Dezember 2018



The work of my hands is spread our before me:
Many pieces, bis and small,
carefully individually crafted.
That’s what you can see.

The work of my thoughts is spread out before me:
Every piece crafted with love,
underlined with happy memories of the receiving person
and accompanied by good wishes.
That’s what you can feel (I hope).

Prayer a Day 2018: Die Verbindung wird gehalten

9. Dezember 2018

Keine Inspiration.
Zu müde zum Beten.
Heute Abend ruft mich nur noch das Sofa.
Lasst mich nicht hängen, ihr Kindred,
und schenkt mir euren Segen,
der die Lebensgeister weckt und
mir neue Kraft verleiht.


In English:

A prayer when there’s no energy left

No inspiration.
Too tired for praying.
burnt out.
The only thing that’s calling out to me tonight is my couch.
Don’t leave me behind, you Kindreds,
and give me your blessings
that raise the spirits of life
and present me with new strength.

Gottheit der Woche 50: Epona

9. Dezember 2018

Hufspuren im weichen Sand,

mal Pferd, mal Reiterin,



Hufspuren, denen ich folge,

mal Mutter, mal Kämpferin,



Hufspuren in meinem Leben

hast du hinterlassen,



Nimm mich mit auf deine Reise,

Schutzpatronin der Fohlen,


gewähre mir deinen Schutz und deine Geborgenheit

und lehre mich deine Stärke und Unabhängigkeit.

Diese Rose ist mein Geschenk für dich.


Das Bild im Hintergrund der Gebsetskarte zeigt die Epona-Statue von Wolfgang Seipenbusch aus dem keltischen Skultpurenweg auf dem Donnersberg. Anders als die meisten Eponadarstellungen zeigt sie die Göttin mit Pferdekopf.


In English:

Traces of hooves in the soft sand,

sometimes horse, sometimes rider,



Traces of hooves that I follow,

sometimes mother, sometimes fighter,



Traces of hooves in my life

you have left behind,


Take me with you on your journey,

patroness of foals

soul companion,

grant me your protection and comfort

and teach me your strength and independance.

This rose may be my gift for you.


The background image shows the Epona Statue by Wolfgang Seipenbusch on the Celtic Sculptures Way on Donnersberg, Germany. It shows the goddess with a horse’s head.

Prayer a Day 2018 – Dank für Kreativität

2. Dezember 2018


In English:

Thank you for creativity

It’s just a box with many Lego parts,
a wild mix from different sets.
No manual, no complete packages.
And even so they have been playing for hours now,
building, experimenting and working together.
Thank you that my children have not forgotten how to be creative on their own and let their fantasy run wild.

Prayer a Day 2018 – Gebet für eine Klassenarbeit

2. Dezember 2018

In English:

Prayer for a test

Kindreds, my son is writing a test today.
He has practised a lot for it.
I ask you: Reward his diligence and support him now!
Odin, ich ask you for your wisdom and your thirst for knowledge!
Heimdall, ich ask you for your sharp eye, which lets you recognize problems early!
Saga, I ask you for your delight in telling stories and your creativity!
Frigga, I ask you for your talent to organize that lets you control each situation!
Uller, I ask you for your precision which lets you arrow find his target!
Thor, I ask you for your perseverance which you show in all things!
Kindreds, be around him, with him and in ihm,
when he is starting to write!

Prayer a Day 2018 – Gebet für eine Kranke

2. Dezember 2018

In English:

Prayer for an ill friend

A person I knowl well got bad news:
A severe disease is spreading through her body.
I call to
Eira and Brighid,
Grannus and Asklepios,
Aušutas and all the other divine entities of healing:
Give her strength and let your powers work within her!
As this candle burns and the candlewick gets smaller,
your blessings may flow in her and speed up the healing proces!