Prayer a Day – Nie wieder

In English:

Never again!

9th November 1938: Reichskristallnacht
The synagogues were burning.

9th November 2018:
All around us political parties gain power and influence
that like back then are agitating, polemicising, segregating.
Those who call the Third Reich a ‘flyshit in history’.

Divine powers: I call for your support: Never again!

You, for who time truely doesn’t play a role:
Don’t let us forget what happened back then,
don’t let it happen that those incidences get trivialized,
give us the strength to be there for eacht other,
to be strong for those who can’t stand up for themselves,
as a majority not to stand by in silence
when stupid, weak ignorants want to take the power in their own hands.

Because this is our time, and what happens now
will be what we are judged by in future.
And I don’t want to be asked sometime:
Why haven’t you done something?

Prayer a Day 2018 – Kompost


In English:

Deep down under the earth, hidden in moist darkness
they are busy.
Eating, rummaging, digging
and thus transforming
the rests of our food
into nourishing compost.
This is how the circle goes on,
and all that remains to me is to sing a song of praise to the earthworm!

Prayer a Day 2018 – Gebet für Regen

In English:

Prayer for rain

Come on sky, cover yourself:
Let clouds in all shades of grey gather,
big and heavy.
Let the air be filled with the smell of wetness,
wet grass and steaming asphalt.
And then let the first drops fall,
splashing and spattering
until a veil of rain is covering the land
and puddles are mirrorlike shimmering on the ground,
little lakes, saturating the earth
until the land breathes a sign of relief after the long draught.

Prayer a Day 2018 – Vielfalt im Garten


In English:

Today’s first cup of cappuccino is in my hand
and my gaze glides out of the window:
White frost covers grass and bushes.
The night has been a cold one.
But between all this white there’s a colourful spot,
hopping around.
A jay, I am surprised to see,
happy for the growing diversity in my garden.

Prayer a Day 2018 – Gebet für ein neues Auto

In English:


01 Prayer for a new car

„Das Auto ist ein Totalschaden.
Die Reparatur lohnt sich nicht!“,
so klingt es in meinen Ohren.
Wenn wir heute die Autohäuser nach einem neuen Fahrzeug durchforsten,
dann sei mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, Nehalennia,
und lass uns ein Auto finden,
das unsere Erwartungen erfüllt und unseren Geschmack trifft.

“The car is irreparable!”,
it sounded in my ears.
When we hit the car lots today searching a new car,
then be with us with guidance and a helping hand, Nehalennia,
and let us find a car
that meets both our expectations and our taste.

Gebetskarte ‘Einen Sterbenden begleiten’


In English:

Don’t be afraid,
go with a light step,
your burden stays behind.

Cross the bridge
leave this life
and only your grave will be between us.

You are expected
there on the other side,
not alone in the afterlife.

A light is shining for you,
a warm smile
and a hand that holds your hand.

Don’t worry
but let us behind,
with a heavy heart and tears on our faces.

Still we know
it’s not the end,
just a veil is separating us.