Midwinter/Winter solstice 2018: Main prayer and core workings in English

Main sacrifice to the deity of the occasion


bright and shining sun,

hear my prayer when I call to you:

My thoughts are focused on your safe return

and I am craving for the feeling of your rays caressing my face.

Half a year ago, at midsummer, I was bathing in your light,

you being on top of your power.

Since then you have lost your strength,

and since the equinox you spread your light mainly at other places.

But now the day of your return has come:

Your radiance and your warmth have been missed sorely.

It almost seems as if the is no end to darkness,

as if the silence would absorb all sounds.

Sulis, I call out to you:

Come back to us!

Take up the journey

and please us with your sight!

(make an offering to Sulis)


You’ll need: a sun candle for the middle, tealights arranged in 6-9 rays around the sun candle (depending on your plans, see below): I always use three tealights per ray

Core workings

Lighten your sun candle from the sacred fire.

In this longest night of the year the sun will be reborn –

this sounds so unlike science.

But with it comes

the hope for a better future,

the chance for a new beginning,

the possibility to work on the option

that peace and freedom,

health and justice,

education and prosperity become realitiy for everybody someday.

Without this the earth is turning just a bit more

and a fiery ball is rising in the east.

A sunbeam for hope,

for a better future. (lighten the candles from sunbeam 1 from the middle to the end)

A sunbeam for peace,

so that a future is possible. (lighten the candles from sunbeam 2 from the middle to the end)

A sunbeam for love,

for others and for oneself. (lighten the candles from sunbeam 3 from the middle to the end)

A sunbeam for life,

and letting live (lighten the candles from sunbeam 4 from the middle to the end)

A sunbeam for confidence,

after the longest night, the deepest valley. (lighten the candles from sunbeam 5 from the middle to the end)

(You can add three more sunbeams here, for personal things.)

The first sunbeam at the sky,

a new beginning. (lighten the candles from last sunbeam  from the middle to the end)

(If you are not alone, people can hum during the candle lighting, or you can do it as som form of litany, so they say the second part of each verse.

Let the light and the words sink in for a moment before you move to the next step.)

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