Prayer a day 2019: Gebet zu Taranis

Prayer to Taranis – for getting into motion

Sometimes, things moves oh so slowly.

It feel like chewing gum.

Everywhere there are obstacles,

and I feel like running through a maze.


‚Someone should…‘


‚It is on the way.‘

there‘s a huge gap, but hardly ever a brigde.

Taranis with the wheel:

Help us to get into motion,

not just to talk about problems,

but to do something useful.

Let the ‚someone‘ become an ‚I‘ or even better a ‚we‘.

Your wheel gets us moving, jollies us up.

Your thunderstorms clear the air, help us to keep our wits about us.

Your rains fall on fertile ground.

Taranis, be at our side!

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