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Diese Gebete sind Beiträge zu der Prayer a Day Challenge des ADF, die in den letzten Jahren im November stattfand. Ziel war es, jeden Tag ein Gebet zu schreiben.

Prayer a day 2019: Mauern

9. November 2019


They rise high, threatening, bone-crushing

Keeping in, keeping out.

Walls between countries.

Walls in heads.

Walls in hearts.

For your own protection, they say,


Because we are not sure,

because we lack trust,

in you and in ourselves.

For your own protection, they say,


Because we are afraid of

what we don‘t know

what looks different

what thinks and talks not like us.

For your own protection, they say,


For OUR own protection,

so we don‘t have to think,

don‘t have to learn something new,

don‘t have to compete.

Tear down those walls!

But carefully, without violence.

Let them disappear stone by stone,

allowing peaks through holes into the wide world.

Build bridges of them,

creating connections,

so that one day

you and I

will be able to walk across a world without walls.

Prayer a day 2019: Kerzengebet

8. November 2019

A candle prayer

This candle burns for someone who is important for me.

Her light shines for that one in difficult times and at dark places.

Her warmth surrounds her, when there is nobody around to hug that person.

Her mass dwindles for that one when this person needs strength urgently.

This candle burns for someone I can‘t support otherwise.

Prayer a day 2019: Eine Wiedererschaffung des Kosmos

7. November 2019

Aus unbekannten Gründen lässt sich die dazugehörige Gebetskarte nicht hochladen. Daher die reine Textversion.

Eine (Wieder)erschaffung des Kosmos

Hier stehe ich und frage:

Wer bin ich? Woher komme ich? Wohin gehe ich?

Und um mich herum und in mir selbst forme ich den Kosmos:

Das Land unter meinen Füßen, das mich trägt.

Und über mir den Himmel, voller brennender Gestirne:

Die Sonne,

lebenspendend, wärmend, Funke der Transformation

und Mond und Sterne, Lichter in der Dunkelheit,

Bewahrer von Geschichten und alten Mythen.

Und um mich das Wasser:

Das Meer, das an die Ufer rollt,

und die Flüsse, die das Land durchziehen,

die Erinnerungen mit sich tragend,

lebenserhaltend, erneuernd, reinigend.

Und dazwischen den Weltenbaum,

beides miteinander verbindend,

der das Gewebe des Universums durchbricht

und so Orientierung ermöglicht.

Heiliges Feuer, brenne in mir!

Heilige Quelle, fließe in mir!

Heiliger Baum, wachse in mir!

A recreation of Cosmos

Here I stand and ask myself:

Who am I? Whre do I come from? Where will I go?

And so I shape the cosmos in me and around me:

The land under my feet, that is carrying me.

And above me the sky, full of burning celestial bodies:

The sun,

life giving, warming, spark of transformation,

and moon and stars, lights in the darkness,

keepers of stories and ancient myths.

And around me the water:

The sea, rolling onto the beaches,

and the rivers, crossing the country,

who carry the memories with them,

life supporting, renewing, cleansing.

And between both the world tree,

connecting them,

breaking through the texture of the universe

and thus making orientation possible.

Sacred fire, burn within me!

Sacred well, flow within me!

Sacred tree, grow within me!

Prayer a day 2019: Gebet zu Taranis

7. November 2019

Prayer to Taranis – for getting into motion

Sometimes, things moves oh so slowly.

It feel like chewing gum.

Everywhere there are obstacles,

and I feel like running through a maze.


‚Someone should…‘


‚It is on the way.‘

there‘s a huge gap, but hardly ever a brigde.

Taranis with the wheel:

Help us to get into motion,

not just to talk about problems,

but to do something useful.

Let the ‚someone‘ become an ‚I‘ or even better a ‚we‘.

Your wheel gets us moving, jollies us up.

Your thunderstorms clear the air, help us to keep our wits about us.

Your rains fall on fertile ground.

Taranis, be at our side!

Prayer a day 2019: Gebet zu einer Göttin der bewahrten Geheimnisse

2. November 2019

Prayer to a goddess of secrets

I‘ll die if I can‘t tell it someone.

I just have to get rid of it.

It is on the tip of my tongue, but nobody is supposed to know about it.


so I come to you.

Goddess of absolute silence,

keeper of secrets,

silent goddess of the new year.

Whatever weighs heavily on my soul

whatever I want to talk about:

It is safe with you.

Your finger, put across your mouth,

promises me:

You won‘t pass it on.

Whatever I share with you:

It is safe with you.

Angerona, keep your smart silence

in a world full of rumours and talk.

Angerona, thank you.

Angerona ist die römische Göttin der bewahrten Geheimnisse. Ihre Statue legt den Zeigefinger in der Schweigegeste über die Lippen. Eine sehr nützliche Göttin, auch heute noch.

Prayer a day 2019: Nehalennia als Fährfrau der Toten

1. November 2019

Nehalennia as a guide of souls


you guard the freight, you take care that everything arrives safely its destination.

Mostly the load consists of diverse goods, but sometimes it is souls that are on their way to their chosen afterlife.

You guide them safely over the waves, throught the veils and over the rainbowbridge, until they reach the other side

and claim their appropriate place, be it in the underworld, on the isles in the west or some heavenly realm.

It is you that we welcome as our ferrywoman.

Even if we don‘t need your services personally,

we honor you as the guide and companion of the dead.

Prayer a day 2019

1. November 2019

Seit zwei Jahren beteilige ich mich nun an dem Projekt von Jan Avende, und auch dieses Jahr will ich mein Glück versuchen.

Freut euch also in den nächsten Tagen auf viele neue Gebete….